Year of Shameless


Every year for my birthday I choose a word or phrase that I want to encourage me for the rest of the year. Last year, it was ‘living my best life’ and this year it was SHAMELESS! Shameless really came from one of my spin instructors and friends that I admire very much, Steph Shames. It was through her inspiration that after a year and a half of being in a workout rut I gave spinning a shot. In case you don’t know I became obsessed. It wasn’t because I was good at it, it was because Steph spoke about showing up for yourself, pushing yourself to your limits but most importantly loving yourself and your body for the things it’s already capable of doing. So here I was choosing shameless as my word for year 29 thinking I had already conquered being shameless and it would only be about applying it in everything I did. Within one month I learned that being shameless isn’t a destination but a full on forever journey. That being shameless isn’t always easy and is never finished. So here are some of the things that shameless means to me!

Shameless is:

Walking into a yoga class when you know you won’t be able to hit every pose

Listening to your heart and it’s needs

Walking away from the things that aren’t serving you or helping you grow

Getting on a spin bike not because you’re the best but because you love it

Being unapologetically yourself, truly yourself and all of who you are and who you’ve been

Wearing your hair back and owning your scars from physical health battles that you’ve won

Not being married by 30 but knowing that you are loving your own journey

Knowing that it’s okay to not be okay

Standing up to double standards

Owning your truth and not letting others hold you down

What does SHAMELESS mean to you?!

Dania Castro