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Welcome to a space created for changes, growth and a community of learners and creative thinkers. I enjoy trying new things, living in new cities and changing my mind as much as I want in search of the things that set my soul on fire. 

My name is Dania Castro and I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Miami. As a first generation student, to two wonderful Guatemalan parents, I was tasked to figure things out as I went. I was born with a passion for education, learning and helping others. In college, I enjoyed helping my peers figure out their college journey and then I realized that working in higher education could actually become my career. I went on to attain my masters degree in Higher Education from University of South Carolina. I worked within undergraduate admissions at University of South Carolina for 3.5 years. Then I went on to supporting some of the most incredible scholars at the Posse Foundation as a Posse Trainer in Miami and now I am a Program Manager for Service & Social Innovation at The George Washington University. 

My passions continue to grow but one thing that will always remain constant is my passion to help students navigate their college experience and providing more students access to higher education. 


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